Friday, May 06, 2011

- Eat a live squid
- visit Hiroshima &/or Nagasaki

- go to おんせん (Onsen)
- Learn
ぼんさい (Bonsai)
- Learn
 いけばな (Ikebana)
- Learn
おしゃ (Ocha)
- Learn
日本語 (Japanese, as intended)
- Practice the Ancient art of Karaoke
- visit Kabukicho, Tokyo
- Watch the sun come out from the sea.

- visit Bamboo forest in Tokyo

- Meet interesting people
- fight a sumo wrestler.... or maybe just watch a fight.
- Watch
さくら (sakura tree)
- get drunk with sake
- miss the
しんかんせん (shinkansen) and sleep in the trainstation
- get lost somewhere
- sleep in the under a bridge wrapped in a newspaper.
- Sing "El Rey" de Vicente Fernandez or "Cielito Lindo".
- Buy a sharp Katana
- go to
かぶき (kabuki theater)

- teach English
- watch Godzilla
- take a picture from the top of Mt. Fuji
- participate in any kind of fetish?
- travel almost free from Kyushu to Hokkaido.